Advisory Council

Terms of reference

The Advisory Council shall (subject to the provisions of Statute 30 in regard to reserved business):

  1. Advise the Director as to the promotion of the objects of the Institute, within the University, nationally and internationally;
  2. Consider, and advise the Director on, the Director's plans for the future development of the Institute;
  3. Receive reports from, and advise the Director on, any aspect of the Institute's work, and consider and forward to the Directorate and the Board an annual report on the activity of the Institute;
  4. Give advice to the Directorate or Board in connection with the affairs of the Institute, whether at their request or on its own initiative.
  5. From time to time make recommendations to the Board on the terms of reference and constitution of the Advisory Council.

Carry out as and when required:

  1. The functions relating to the appointment of the Director of the Institute specified in the Protocol of the School of Advanced Study for the Appointment of Directors of Institutes (see Appendix);
  2. Functions of conferring, or approving arrangements for conferring, the title of Fellow in accordance with principles and procedures approved from time to time by the Directorate;
  3. Such other functions as may be given to it by the Board or the Directorate;
  4. As appropriate, establish and disestablish standing and other committees.