The activities of the Institute are also overseen through various governance structures within the wider School of Advanced Study and University of London. Find out more about these governance mechanisms here.  

The Advisory Council of the Institute advises the Director on strategy and policy, monitor the academic functions of the Institute and act as sounding boards, thereby serving an important monitoring function for the Dean of the School. 

Advisory Council Members


  • Alan Charlton (Institute of Latin American Studies)

Ex Officio

Members from universities and similar organisations

Partners and stakeholders associated with Latin American Studies

  • Ms Chris Bradley (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Ms Cristina Cortes (Canning House)
  • Dr Juliette Desplat (The National Archives)
  • Ms Cecilia Santamarina (Embassy of Guatemala)

Academic library representatives

  • Mercedes Aguirre (British Library)
  • Julio Cazzasa  (Senate House Library)

Staff representative

National postgraduate community

  • Ms Armandina Deller (PILAS)