Brazilians Living In London

Unveiling the heritage of Brazilians living in the UK

Brasiliance is an oral history project launched by StoneCrabs Theatre Company, it took place from June 2013 to July 2014 and was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and in partnership with King’s College, London.

The project stemmed from the need to give more visibility to the small but growing minority of Brazilians in the UK, to record their stories and uncover the part they have played and are still playing in the wider social context.

The Brasiliance team recorded eleven interviews of Brazilians who have been living in London since the 60s, 70s and 80s. The eleven interviewees are Cristina Eastwood, Maria Cunha, Rosa Gonçalves, Dedé Paixão, Ricardo Dos Santos, Celso Barbieri, Silvia Bazzarelli, Ana Elizabeth Fiuza, Graça Fish, Marcio Amaral and Francisco Torres. The interviews are archived and accessible via this webpage, thanks to the support of the Institute of Latin American Studies. The photographs have been taken at their home or work place, on the day of their interview between November and December 2013.

The interviews have also formed the stimuli for various creative work, such as education and community workshops, a book and DVD to be used by secondary schools, an exhibition, two events at Richmix and Deptford Lounge and a brand new theatre play KITCHEN, written by Gaël Le Cornec.

StoneCrabs Theatre Company’s artistic policy is to deliver outstanding British and international Theatre. Drawing upon the creativity of artists and writers of many cultures, StoneCrabs Theatre Company seeks to create a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of the society in which we live.

Brasiliance was led by a core team consisting of Gaël Le Cornec (Creative Director), Tanja Pagnuco (Project Manager), Franko Figueiredo (Producer), Mariana Pereira (Education Officer), and Tereza Araujo (Community Officer).  A strong volunteer group and dedicated artists also worked on the project : Walney Virgilio, Manoela dos Anjos Afonso, Thais Menezes Dean, Jamile Kollar, Julia Oliveira, Alessandra Leighton, Alan Figueiredo-Stow, Carolina Cal Angrisani, Najla Kay, Claire Gordon, Glaucia Orlandin, Ida Casilli, Lucy Warren, Clodie Vasli, William McGeough, Ana Amalia Alves, Athina Fokidou, Nuria Del Real, James Scott, Stephanie Yamson, Colin Berwick, Yuri Pirondi, Ines Von Bonhorst and Ricardo Nuno Abreu.