St. Lucia, 1995: poet, playwright and Nobel Laureate for Literature, Derek Walcott (1930-2017). 
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The works of influential writers and thinkers from literature, philosophy, politics and economics feature prominently within the collections. Amongst them are Nobel Laureates Sir Arthur Lewis (economics), V S Naipaul (literature), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (literature) and Derek Walcott (literature), as well as many other prominent figures from the Anglophone, Francophone/Kreyol and Hispanophone Caribbean. Below is a key series in Caribbean Literature, followed by several prominent writers and thinkers from the region. 

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Heinemann Caribbean Writers series

  • Novels and short stories from numerous established and emerging writers from throughout the Caribbean – for more info click here [ 21 titles ]:

Aime Cesaire

  • Works by Aime Cesaire (Martinique): key thinker in the negritude movement; plays, poetry and other works. [36 items]

Marcus Garvey

Maryse Condé

  • Works by Conde (Guadeloupe): historical fiction writer and scholar of Francophone literature. [24 items]

Harris Wilson

Jean Price Mars

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Edwidge Danticat

  • Writings of Edwidge Danticat (Haiti/US) novelist and short-story writer [9 items]

Jean Rhys

Derek Walcott

Jamaica Kincaid

Frantz Fanon

(Edward) Kamau Brathwaite

Arthur Lewis

Works by Lewis (St Lucia): Regional Economist and Nobel Laureate [39 items]

Edouard Glissant

  • Works by Glissant (Martinique): philosopher, poet and literary critic; theorist of cosmopolitanism. [20 items]

Erna Brodber

Works by Brodber (Jamaica) sociologist, activist and novelist. [ 14 items ]

Sam Selvon

  • Works by Selvon (Trinidad): playwright and early novelist of Caribbean diasporic life. [19 items ]

Patrick Chamoiseau

  • Works by Chamoiseau (Martinique): novelist, essayist and cultural theorist of the Creolité movement. [ 25 items ]

V. S. Naipaul

George Lamming

Jose Martí

  • Works by Marti (Cuba) poet, essayist, novelist and revolutionary philosopher. [30 items ]

Alejo Carpentier

CLR James

  • Works by CLR (Trinidad): political philosopher, historian and socialist activist; intellectual architect of the West Indian Federation (see following section for his personal papers). [64 items]

Jose Lezama Lima

Nicolas Guillen

  • Works by Guilen (Cuba): poet, journalist, political activist and writer; former national poet of Cuba and active in the negrista movement [29 items]

Sylvia Wynter