GERMINATIONS: Conversations in Environmental Humanities with Latin America & the Caribbean

GERMINATIONS is a series of online transdisciplinary conversations in environmental humanities engaging research with/from/relating to Latin America & the Caribbean. The institutionalisation of EH as a field has been largely an Anglo-Eurocentric endeavour. Yet research conducted or drawing from the region has a long history of engagement with environmental issues from interdisciplinary, intermodal, transcultural and translingual perspectives. This series of conversations aims to map the field of environmental humanities in Latin America & the Caribbean while opening up areas for future research and collaboration with the region and raising questions about the roots and affordances of the field. It aims to cultivate a space to explore environmental insights from scholarship and other research-based practices, such as curatorial and artistic work. Germinations will thus seek to give rise to discussions, methodologies, networks, and collaborations in environmental humanities with Latin America & the Caribbean.

Questions that will run through the series include:
What work is being done from the UK and Ireland in the field of EH related to LAC?

What are the EH in LAC? What are the specificities and histories of the field in the region? How do EH genealogies in Latin America differ from those in the Global North? What are its thematic and methodological foci? Who is conducting EH research in/with/drawing from the region? 
On what interdisciplinary and intermodal collaborations is the field based in Latin American and Caribbean Studies? What forms of collaboration in environmental humanities does the region host?
What methodologies are employed in environmental research within the humanities and cognate social sciences in//with/drawing from the region? What methodological innovations have emerged from within the field?
What forms of dissemination has the field engendered? What are the methods and languages of circulation of EH work?

This initiative is hosted and supported by CLACS, and is a cross-institutional collaboration convened by Lisa Blackmore (University of Essex), Diogo Cabral (Trinity College Dublin), Paul Merchant (University of Bristol), and Ainhoa Montoya (CLACS, University of London).

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