El Dorado

Project Phase / Fase del proyecto: 

Operations effectively halted in July 2008. In April 2017, following the enactment of the Law on the Prohibition of Metallic Mining, OceanaGold (through its subsidiary, Minerales Torogoz) announced that it would exit the country. The OceanaGold website states that project closure procedures were completed on 15 September 2017 and the company withdrew from El Salvador in 2019. 

Exploration Start Date / Fecha de inicio de la exploración: 
Exploitation Start Date / Fecha de inicio de la explotación: 
Not started
Extraction Type / Método de extracción: 
Country / País: 
El Salvador
Natural Resource / Recurso natural: 
Municipality, Department / Municipio, Departamento: 
San Isidro, Cabañas
Central America
Political Actions / Acciones Políticas: 
Reports / Informes: 
References / Referencias: 

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