2016 Sector San Pedro communities denounce local officials

The Committee for the Defense of Public and Common Goods (CMDBCP) representing 15 communities in the San Pedro Sector issued a public statement condemning the previous and present mayors of Tocoa and other local officials for failing to consult their communities in relation to the mining concessions. It accused the authorities of working with the mining company behind the back of the affected communities. The CMDBCP stated the communities' opposition to mining projects, which would affect their lands due to the impact on their health, safety, water supplies and forestry. The CMDBCP stated that it would hold officials responsible for the destruction of San Pedro Sector lands and for any threats environmental defenders might face in retaliation for their opposition to the project.

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Press Conference and Public Statements
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Las Noticias De Colón HN, "Denuncia Pública", dated 16 April 2016, online: https://www.facebook.com/lasnoticias.decolon/posts/denuncia-publicanosot...

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6 May 2021