2017 Forum on State Owned Mining Companies

In 2017, the Institute of Strategic Studies and Public Policy (IEEPP) and the Humboldt Centre held forums to deliberate on the impact and contribution of industrial mining, including developing "New Rules in the Mining Sector: Should the Nicaraguan State get involved in the business of Mining?" as well as considering the actual tax raising implications of the existing regulation on extractive industries. The forums also considered the social division and conflicts caused by large scale mining projects as well as the social mobilisations to limit their impacts.

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Awareness/Coalition Building
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Global Alliance for Tax Justice, "Foro Nacional: "Minería y desarrollo: perspectivas desde la sociedad civil"", 28 March 2017, online: https://www.globaltaxjustice.org/en/events/foro-nacional-miner%C3%ADa-y-...

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12 August 2020