2015 Humboldt Centre presents study at National Forum on Mining in Nicaragua

In December 2015, the Humboldt Centre presented the results of its study, "Valorization of the Socio-Environmental  Risks and Impacts of Metallic Mining in Nicaragua (2013-2015) (Spanish)", at the National Forum on Mining in Nicaragua. The deputy-director of the Humboldt Centre concluded the presentation noting that the results of the report showed that neither green nor safe mining exists, all the companies working in this sector have deficits, especially in relation to environmental impacts.

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Awareness/Coalition Building
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Humboldt Centre, "Centro Humboldt presenta los resultados del Estudio de Minería Metálica en Nicaragua", dated 15 December 2015, online: https://humboldt.org.ni/centro-humboldt-presenta-los-resultados-del-estudio-de-mineria-metalica-en-nicaragua/

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12 August 2020