2020 Presentation of reports to the Honduran Ombudsperson Office (CONADEH)

Two reports by ACAFREMIN and the International Human Rights Law Clinic of University of Virginia School of Law (UVA), documenting the human rights violations committed against those opposing the ASP1 and ASP2 mining concession were presented to the a team of the Honduran Ombudsperson Human Rights Office (CONADEH). The meeting was attended by the Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Honduras and representatives of several human rights organisations.

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ACAFREMIN, "Guapinol Resiste: Orígenes del conflicto minero en el Bajo Aguán, Honduras", dated March 2020, online: https://www.acafremin.org/images/documentos/Guapinol_ESP_Baja_Res.pdf.

University of Virginia School of Law - International Human Rights Law Clinic (UVA), Pretrial Monitoring of the Guapinol and San Pedro Community, dated September 2020, online: https://www.guapinolresiste.org/post/estado-de-honduras-debe-liberar-inm...

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6 May 2021