2019 Xinka Parliament publicly denounces MEM and MARN for non-compliance with the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling confirming suspension of mining licence

In August 2019, the Xinka Parliament issued a public statement denouncing the Guatemalan Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) and the Minstry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) for failing to comply with the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling on the obligation to consult indigenous communities in accordance with the standards of the international law. In particular, the Xinka Parliament accused MEM and MARN of seeking to manipulate the preconsulation process by restricting participation to the Municipal Development Committee (Consejo Municipal de Desarrollo, COMUDE). The Constitutional Court ruling recognised that COMUDES are not the legal representatives of the Xinka Parliament, therefore, the Ministries attempt to reduce the role of the Xinka Parliament to the participation of the COMUDES breached the terms of Constitutional Court judgement. The Xinca Parliament called for the State Prosecutor and the Supreme Court to investigate the conduct of MEM and MARN.

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Press Conference and Public Statements
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17 December 2020