A postage stamp (printed in Trinidad and Tobago) dedicated to the West Indian Federation, showing Queen Elizabeth overlooking the Antilles, circa 1958


A significant body of materials within the collections focuses on the the post- or neo-colonial Caribbean. Featured here are numerous sources that focus on nation building’, political organisation, development, and their discontents - all in the wake of formal state independence. Thematic strengths include: regional integration, political parties and pressure groups, post-independence government administration and policy reports. Notable too is the extensive collection of speeches by and works on a number of Anglophone and non-Anglophone post/neo-colonial leaders. 

Key catalogue subject themes: 

Caribbean Area Democracy Caribbean Area Politics And Government Caribbean Area Postcolonialism


The West Indies Federation

The West Indian Federation was a short-lived union of ex- British West Indian states that existed from January 1958 until it was disbanded in May 1962. 

The CLR James Papers

Regional Integration


Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Activists

The Senate house libraries Political Pamphlets archive holds a host of 20th Century political materials from across the Caribbean including manifestos, labour union pamphlets, political prisoner campaigning and copies of speeches. Below is an overview of these items - please consult the archive website for more info. http://polarch.sas.ac.uk/

West Indies Federation


Antigua and Barbuda

  • Political Parties Antigua And Barbuda Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and policies [14 Entries] http://bit.ly/2tuxZ7v

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Political Parties Antigua And Barbuda Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and policies [14 Entries] http://bit.ly/2tuxZ7v


  • Political Parties Bahamas Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and bulletins [8 items] http://bit.ly/2uQbMog



  • Political Parties Belize Platforms - manifestos, pamphlets, speeches [10 entries] http://bit.ly/2tUjHfH


British Virgin Islands



Dominican Republic



  • Political Parties Guyana Platforms – congress addresses, pamphlets, manifestoes, press releases from various parties, unions and movements [422 items] http://bit.ly/2uQecTG



  • Political Parties Jamaica Platforms – manifestos, pamphlet, broadcasts, policies of parties, labour unions and other movements [112 items] http://bit.ly/2v2SOez


St Lucia

St Kitts and Nevis

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago


Post-Independence Administration

Harold Persaud Papers

  • Guyanese civil servant - the first archivist of the government of Guyana and Permanent Secretary in the Premier Cheddi Jagan’s gov 1962-6. http://archives.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/resources/ICS176.pdf
  • Includes:
    • subject files on the Venezuela / British Guiana (Guyana) border issue, 1962-1964
    • notes, speeches, correspondence on the archives and heritage of Guyana, circa 1960-62
    • Report of the National Reconciliation Committee, 1965 September;
    • report of the conference of Caribbean countries, 1965 July;
    • Report of the Commission to Review Wages, Salaries and Conditions of Service in British Guiana, 1961

Notable Heads of State


Development and Policy Reports



  • The Govenernment of Guyana [ 34 items ] - reports on economic and social conditions, cooperatives, law, education, housing.  http://bit.ly/2utclDd
  • Guyana Venezuela Border Dispute [ 59 items ] http://bit.ly/2v3ffAg 

Trinidad and Tobago