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2016- Municipal assemblies vote against mining

The increasing concern of different communities in the Montaña and Costa Chica region about mining concessions also resulted in a parallel legal process using Guerrero State’s municipal law to reject mining and prevent authorities endorsing extractive projects. 

In 2016, municipal level assemblies (cabildos abiertos) were promoted and supervised by CRAADET with the municipal authorities of Malinaltepec and Iliatenco. These resulted in decisions that municipal administrations would not issue change-of-use-of-soil permits required to allow industrial mining projects affecting the municipalities. These were the first municipal level assemblies organized to reject mining (CDMH Tlachinollan, 2016: 169). In 2019, at CRAADET’s 7th anniversary event, the municipal authorities of neighbouring San Luis Acatlán made the commitment to declare their municipality a territory free of mining (for information on indigenous community assemblies see Legal Action entitled “2011- Indigenous communities reject mining in their territories”).


Type of Action / Tipo de Acción:
National Legislative Activities and Procedures
Extractive Project / Proyecto extractivo:
Region / Región:
Country / País:
Natural Resource / Recurso natural:
Jurisdiction / Jurisdicción:
Mexican System
Category of Key Actors in Legal Action / Categoría de actores claves en la Acción Legal:
Community Residents, Indigenous Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, State Institutions
Human Rights Violated/Claimed:
Right to consultation, Right to due process, Right to free, prior and informed consent
Key Legal Actors Involved / Actores jurídicos clave involucrados:
Regional Council of Agrarian Authorities in Defence of the Territory (CRAADET), Centre for Human Rights of La Montaña Tlachinollan (CDHM Tlachinollan)
Year Action Started / Año de inicio:
References / Referencias:

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