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2017 Ministry of Energy and Mines requests Montana Exploradora expand environmental closure plan for the Marlin Mine

In May 2017, the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) requested Montana Exploradora expand the report on environmental closure programme for Marlin mine to include additional information verifying five areas: 

  • Closure of all the mine’s surface and subterranean components.
  • Closure of the installations, processing and auxiliary elements for the management of waste and water.
  • Closure of the main infrastructure.
  • Closure of lending bank and other infrastructure related to the project
  • Social closure setting out all commitments made as part of the project. 

Goldcorp Guatemala requested MEM provide an extension to comply with the request to avert MEM initiating legal proceedings against Montana Exploradora for non-compliance.

Type of Action / Tipo de Acción:
Administrative Proceedings
Extractive Project / Proyecto extractivo:
Region / Región:
Central America
Country / País:
Natural Resource / Recurso natural:
Gold, Silver
Jurisdiction / Jurisdicción:
Guatemalan System
Category of Key Actors in Legal Action / Categoría de actores claves en la Acción Legal:
Company(ies), State Institutions
Key Legal Actors Involved / Actores jurídicos clave involucrados:
Montana Exploradora de Guatemala, S.A., Ministry of Economy
Year Action Started / Año de inicio:
References / Referencias:

Prensa Libre, “MEM requiere ampliación del plan de cierre de Mina Marlin”, dated 27 May 2017, online:, accessed 7 November 2021