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2005 Local NGOs generate interest in mining issues

In mid 2005, local NGO, the Santa Marta Association of Economic Development (ADES), and the Environmental Committee in Defence of Water and Culture began to generate interest in the issue of large scale mining among national NGOs in San Salvador, including the Centre for Research in Trade and Investment (CEICOM), the Salvadoran Centre for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA), the Salvadoran Ecological Unit (UNES), and the Foundation for the Application of Law (FESPAD).
Political Action Category / Categoría de Acción Política:
Awareness/Coalition Building
Reference / Referencia:
Rafael E. Cartagena, "Orígenes del movimiento de oposición a la minería metálica en El Salvador", ECA - Revista de Estudios Centroamericanos, Vol. 64, No. 722, dated 2009, online:
Accessed on date / Fecha de consulta:
5 November 2021