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2013 Salvadoran activists participate in Canada and U.S. speaking tour

Between March and April 2013, El Salvadoran anti-mining activists, Vidalina Morales de Gamez and Sandra Carolina Ascencio (part of the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador) participated in a Canada and U.S. speaking tour, called "Water is More Precious than Gold." The activists sought to raise awareness of the call to ban metallic mining in El Salvador over concerns of water contamination and environmental damage.
Political Action Category / Categoría de Acción Política:
Awareness/Coalition Building
Reference / Referencia:
The Council of Canadians, "News: Salvadoran activist to speak in Kamloops about water and mining", 2013, online:
Accessed on date / Fecha de consulta:
12 August 2020